Coin of Philip II

Among the odds and ends cluttering my desk I find again this coin of Philip II of Macedon. The head is an Apollo; on the reverse is a youth on horseback, facing right. Both make me think of Alexander.

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Librairie du Cerf - Marcel Fischer, prop.

Now we have to think of what to call a collection of the stickers and stamps that booksellers, distributors and binders applied so discretely to the endpapers of books of a certain age.

Update: more examples of the genre, and very nice ones indeed, are displayed at an Eudæmonist (permanent link: here).

Update: "Collection" link now points to an expanded and more handsome album.

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All this worldly wisdom was once the unamiable heresy of some wise man.

Henry David Thoreau, Journal, July 6th 1840.

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# 41

Consider society at any epoch, and who does not see that heresy has already prevailed in it?

Henry David Thoreau, Journal July 6th 1840. Vol. 1, p. 151 in the Princeton edition (Princeton: 1981).

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