John Clare's Hazel Copse: Summer, ii

from The Heat of Noon

There lies a sultry lusciousness around
The far-stretched pomp of summer which the eye
Views with a dazzled gaze--and gladly bounds
Its prospects to some pastoral spots that lie
Nestling among the hedge, confining grounds
Where in some nook the haystacks newly made
Scents the smooth level meadow-land around
While underneath the woodland’s hazley hedge
The crowding oxen make their swaily beds
And in the dry dyke thronged with rush and sedge
The restless sheep rush in to hide their heads
From the unlost and ever haunting flie
And under every tree’s projecting shade
Places as battered as the road is made

The Penguin John Clare: Selected Poems, p.39.

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Gust. A. Syrens Bok- Musik- & Pappershandel

Dennis complains that I haven't been blogging. My only excuses are that it's summer (it's too hot and I've been too lazy) and that I've been too involved in my "real" life, building houses. But it is the 1st, and a rainy day besides, so I'll reward the squeaky wheel with a couple dozen Scandinavian (mostly Swedish) namnstämpel.

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