für die Bücherwürmer

Willi Hetzner, Nurnberg [Germany] (28mm x 15mm, ca.1940s)

Book labels collected during April, including a fine pair sent by a contributor in Salt Lake City, are now up at the usual place.

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Casa Editrice Sansoni, Florence [Italy] (65mm x 15mm, ca.1938)

Book labels collected during March are now up at the usual place. In addition, I've gathered all the New York City booksellers (& binders, etc.) onto one page -- they represent nearly 10% of the whole collection. London and Leipzig are probably a distant second and third; perhaps someday they'll receive their own page.

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fine teeth bared to sing

Bat-song, if we could hear it:

ah, eyrie-ire; aero hour, eh?
O'er our ur-area (our era aye
ere your raw row) we air our array
err, yaw, row wry—aura our orrery,
our eerie ü our ray, our arrow.
A rare ear, our aery Yahweh.

Les Murray, "Bats' Ultrasound," from The Daylight Moon and Other Poems. Online here.

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We aren't inclined to mysticism, especially of the numerological kind, but we do feel a sort of affinity with those who find that the important things come in sevens. So we were amused and inspired by James Hadley's 1858 essay on The Number Seven, even to the extent of rescuing it from the library stacks (where our copy had languished unread for thirty years or more) and giving it a home on the web where sympathetic souls will perhaps be more likely to find it.

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