Wych Elm

From Ezra Pound's La Fraisne (1909):

I wrapped my tears in an ellum leaf
And left them under a stone...

There is a neighborhood of Dallas, Texas, known as "Deep Ellum" from the late 19th century pronunciation of its major thoroughfare, Elm Street. It is now an arts and entertainment district.

Pound's poem can be found in the collection "Personæ: The Shorter Poems of Ezra Pound. -- A revised edition prepared by Lea Baechler and A. Walton Litz." (New Directions, 1990.) "La Fraisne" is prefaced in some editions with a note, "Scene: The Ash Wood of Malvern." Fraisne = mod. French Frêne (Latin Fraxinus, English Ash). All of the trees mentioned in the poem are found in the Malvern Hills.

March 3, 2004


There's a famous old tune, a country blues piece from the early twentieth-century titled Deep Elm Blues, or Deep Elum. I don't know who wrote it, or where it was first recorded, but I know it is a trad. blues, whether it is Texas, Delta, or Country Blues, I do not know. I'm sure there are a million Elum, elms, etc sts. Just wanted to say I am impressed with your prose and that you have a nice site

Posted by: csd | Mar 4, 2004 4:31:46 PM

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